Agreement Contract

The undersigned declares, through the present application, CONSUMER OF CANNABIS AND AFFIRMS, his willingness to join as a partner of the Association Route 66, knowing the statutes, purposes, and objectives of this, is committed to comply with they, with the rules of internal functioning, respect the decisions of their governing bodies and comply with Spanish legislation; taking into account special consideration the following precepts.
The subscribed person is committed and responsible to dedicate the cannabis withdrawn from the Association, corresponding to the crop UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVELY TO ITS CONSUMPTION IN THE PRIVATE SCOPE, assuming any responsibility for their acts contrary to the Law that could be derived and exempting from them the Association, Partners, Board of Directors and Employees of it.
For this purpose, the sponsorship / endorsement of a member of the Association is attached to the present application, stating that he or she is aware of the cannabis use by the person requesting their incorporation into the Association; or documentation that proves that it is a consumer, any breach of this commitment, entail the expulsion of the Association, through the corresponding process set in the statutes.
The person or partner declares to consume the amount of: 80 g of cannabis per month, amount that must be confirmed or reviewed by the member each quarter. In case of not confirming or revising, the amount declared will be automatically extended, the Association will always deliver amounts lower than the declared consumption, in order to raise awareness towards responsible consumption.
The partner authorizes the Association Route 66, to collect and distribute among the members the cannabis from the shared car.
The member agrees to immediately communicate his decision to leave the Route 66 Association.
The member will communicate to the Association Route 66, the notification of sanction based on article 25.1 of the Organic Law 1/1992, on citizen protection, or the imputation of the offense established in article 368 of the Spanish Penal Code, which may imply in the first case and involving in the second of the expulsion of the Association.
The member undertakes not to assign his credential to third parties, which is personal and non-transferable, such breach entails the automatic expulsion of the Route 66 Association, but may authorize family members or other partners to withdraw their monthly material, with written authorization and accompanied by a photocopy of ID and credential.
The member will always identify himself with his D.N.I. and credential for the withdrawal of the material.
The applicant states that he has read, the statutes and the present application for admission as a member of Route 66.
The applicant authorizes the data collected in this file to be incorporated into a secure computer file, always treated with complete confidentiality and confidentiality, in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13. Protection of Personal Data, for its exclusive use for purposes of internal deed of the Association Route 66, the applicant can exercise their rights of access 1e rectification and cancellation whenever you wish, your data will not be transferred to third parties, unless a judicial authorization agrees.
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